Richard Anderson, Contracting Officer Representative  —  Tooele Army Depot

"This is to commend and thank you and your company, and especially your workers: for the outstanding job they are doing on this contract. Your staff is always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the projects and they have a good working relationship with the other organizations on the depot. Thanks again for the fine job your company is doing and I look forward to continuing our good working relationship. There are many projects to be done in the future!"

Bob Koumaros, President  —  RK Construction, Inc.

"My company recently completed a small project for you at the seattle Coast Guard Station. Since I am a very small company, I was at the site working each day. From the moment I met [your Superintendent] I know I would enjoy working for him. He has a special talent that enables him to get the best out any subcontractor. I have been in this business since 1968 and I can honestly say I can't remember every working with a more professional, responsible, fair, and honest Superintendent. I want to thank you for the opportunity to work for DMS and I look forward to more projects together."

Jim Martin, Contracting Officer Representative  —  Dugway Proving Ground

"In every instance, DMS has provided the expertise required for the job through excellent management of their subcontractors and in-house staff. DMS is in every respect professional. Corporate support, responsive on-site management, and a customer-oriented staff make it a pleasure to oversee their operations for the government. They are a very cooperative, honest, and dependable organization. I highly recommend DMS to anyone considering contracting construction related activities for their organization."

William J. Carbrey III, Contracting Officer  —  McConnell Air Force Base

"The relationship DMS has built with the government SABER Team here at McConnell is nothing but extraordinary. From day one, they have listened, reacted, and worked with me, other Contracting members, and our CE representatives in the most forthright and professional manner. I appreciate the partnering they have developed with us because it is beneficial to the operation of this base. Let me say DMS has gone out of their way to make sure McConnell gets what they pay for on every job. We are now completing the last few of the fifty-seven delivery orders we issued over the past two plus years and with the award of the second option year will continue working with DMS in the future."

Mark Rush, SABER Chief  —  McConnell Air Force Base

"I would like to pass on a thought to you as the Representative of DMS. I was attending a project status update for my leadership and I realized that all of the DMS SABER projects are either ahead of schedule or on schedule. That is a great reflection on your company and your people when leadership has the confidence to allow for projects that would normally go another direction to come to SABER. Thank You for your hard work and dedication in supporting our base."

R. Joseph Tegtmeyer, Lieutenant Colonel USAF/Command Post Chief  —  McConnell Air Force Base

"Thank you for your outstanding work on the recently completed McConnell Air Force Base Command Post renovation project. Despite an aggressively short timeline to complete a host of changes and improvements, you were able to keep the effort on track and helped us meet our deadline. I wanted to personally tell you that your efforts and contributions did not go unnoticed. Because of your professionalism and persistence, our new Command Post is the envy of the wing and will help us more effectively meet our mission requirements. I very much appreciated your hard work and cannot be more thrilled with the quality of our new facility. Thanks for a job well done!"

Lizza A. Lockett, Facility Manager - Soldiers Field House  —  Fort Lewis

"I would like to convey my appreciation for the work DMS did at Soldiers Field House on Ft. Lewis. Your Project Coordinator was the go to person for the facility while renovation works was being done. The facility remained open while work was being, and this meant a lot to our patrons. Your Project Coordinator was totally committed to this job. He was totally accommodating to changes in our schedule. He assisted in every way possible even when some situations were beyond my control. He was also able to make numerous suggestions to assist me, when it seemed like I had no way out. By far this is the best experience I've had working with any contractor on military installations. DMS did an outstanding job on this project. The comments from the soldiers and other authorized users are all favorable."